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BOOKING of a SPHERE TESTER, exclusive tool made for the ACTIVA CLUB to test the spheres of your Citroën

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This pre-order of a sphere tester for Citroën cars with hydropneumatic suspension, made for the ACTIVA CLUB, is a first free step.
It will be followed by a session of firm orders, with payment, in a few days.

The jack sphere tester is a compact sphere pressure tester, that can follow you in your workshop as well as at the scrapyard. It will allow you to test the remaining nitrogen pressure in a sphere removed from the vehicle.

Knowing the nitrogen pressure will help you ensure that your hydraulic system works as designed, with sphere pressure in the prescribed boundaries, each sphere having their own; and if it is possible to re-inflate them to make them last longer.

If the pressure fell below 15 bar, the sphere is worn and can't be saved.

We have produced 50 testers that will be delivered assembled. This booking will ensure the availability of one of these testers. If necessary a new batch will be made, but the price might be higher because of rising supply costs.

The final price of this batch will be 130€ per tester, plus shipping fees, and the ETA is this Summer.

As usual, the annual membership is required to finalize your order when they will be ready for order.