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The two FRONT ball joints fits on ALL Xantia ACTIVA's from 1994 to 2000.
The REAR superior ball joint fits on Xantia ACTIVA's from 1995 (ORGA 6779) to 2000. They also fit on both ball joints of the REAR LEFT ANTIROLL BAR LINKAGE.

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This pre-order of NEW FRONT OR REAR antiroll cylinders BALL JOINTS, remanufactured from scratch for the Activa Club, is a first step, free of charge. It will help us anticipating the final order to our supplier.

It will be followed by a session of official pre-orders, with a deposit, in a few days.

We count on your support and commitment. This remanufactured part is very important for our cars... but for the Activa Club too ! It is important to notice that this order might be the only opportunity to buy new antiroll cylinders spare parts : with plenty of antiroll cylinders for all cars, we won't be able to have a batch reproduced anytime soon.

These ball joints will fit on original cylinders as well as on remanufactured ones.
The REAR SUPERIOR ball joint only fits on cars since ORGA 6779; it also fits the LEFT REAR antiroll bar linkage for the same cars.

The final price expected for the order is 20€ for each antiroll cylinder ball joint (FRONT SUPERIOR OR INFERIOR, REAR SUPERIOR), plus shipping fees.

As usual on our shop, the annual membership will be required to complete your final order, when strut tops will be available (beginning of next year).

In case of any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us before ordering.