DEPOSIT - PAIR of suspension strut tops for Xantia V6 BEFORE ORGA 8056

5271E3 et 5271E6

PAIR of front suspension strut tops DEPOSIT for Xantia V6 "FIRST fitting" (series 1, series 2 up to Orga 8056)

These strut tops fit all Xantia V6 with this setup, saloon, estate, manual or automatic gearbox.

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Part Number : 5271E3 et 5271E6

This pre-order of NEW strut tops, remanufactured from scratch for the Activa Club, is the second step of this remanufacturing project.

This time we ask you to make a firm deposit, that won't be cancellable. We will need this deposit to pay the cash advance required to launch the batch.

One product ordered = One PAIR of strut tops.

The price of the PAIR of strut tops will be of 210.00€, plus shipping fees. Your deposit will of course be deducted from the total amount.

The estimated time of delivery is about 5 months, which means, beginning of the summer. We will keep you posted by then and we will ask you to pay the balance in order to ship your strut tops.

We count on your support and commitment. This remanufactured part is very important for our cars... but for the Activa Club too ! It is important to notice that this order might be the only opportunity to buy new "V6" strut tops : with plenty of strut tops on shelf, we won't be able to have a batch reproduced anytime soon.

These strut tops include the change performed in 1996 to limit the risk of bonnet-breaking in case of rubber failure.

CAUTION : check carefully the orga number of your car and the fitting it has. Sometimes V6 strut tops have been swapped with a 4 cylinders fitting, easier to provision.

It's this orga number, and not the first registration date (including shipping and storage) that matters.

In case of any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us before ordering.